Potassium Phthalimide (15N, 99%)


Potassium Phthalimide (15N, 99%)

≥99 atom % 15N

Item Number NPC-109-99-PK
Cas Number 53510-88-6
Chemical Purity 99%
Chemical Formula


Molecular Weight (for Fully Enriched Product) 186.21

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Potassium Phthalimide (15N, 99%)NPC-109-99-2525gReady to ship in 1-2 weeks853



isotope purity ≥99 atom % 15N
assay ≥99% (CP)
Melting point >300 °C (lit.)




Potassium Phthalimide-15N has been used:

  • Compounds labeled with stable nitrogen-15 isotopes are used for chemical synthesis and biosynthesis of various organic compounds;
  • Fertilizers labeled with stable nitrogen-15 (15N) isotopes are used in agriculture to track the absorption of certain forms of nitrogen fertilizers by plants. This helps to determine the optimal amount of fertilizer that should be used.


1, 5, 10, 25 g in glass bottle.

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Product Name

Potassium Phthalimide (15N, 99%)

Item Number

NPC-109-99-1, NPC-109-99-5, NPC-109-99-10, NPC-109-99-25


1g, 5g, 10g, 25g

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