15N2 Ammonium Sulfate – (15NH4)2SO4 is a fine white crystals, with a solubility of 74.4g/100cm3 in water at 20 ° C. Ammonium-15N2 Sulfate is hygroscopic compound which melts at 280 ° C


15N2 Ammonium sulfate, or 15N2 labelled ammonium sulfate, (15NH4)2SO4, is prepared by reacting 15N ammonia to sulfuric acid:

2 15NH3 + H2SO4  →   (15NH4)2SO4

Ammonium-15N2 Sulfate ((15NH4)2SO4) is used in different fields of chemistry. These are its applications:

  • Often used in Agrochemistry to determine the efficiency of using fertilizer by crops;
  • 15N isotope source in organic chemistry synthesis.
  • 15N2 ammonium sulfate is used to asses soil-water management practices;

At present, CPI Georgia can produce 15N salts such as 15N2 Ammonium Sulfate, Ammonium-15N2 Sulfate with isotopic richness above 99% 15N. Other than 99% enrichment, isotopeshop.com offers different kind of 15N2 labelled ammonium sulfate enrichment such as 60%, 10%, 5%. This product is packaged and distributed in 1 and 500-gram packages in standard amber glass bottles. This product may be available from bulk stock and can be packaged on demand. For information on pricing, availability and packaging, please contact us. For more information, please see each product individually.

Synonyms of 15N2 ammonium Sulfate:

Bis(ammonium-15N) sulfate

Сульфат аммония 15N2


15N2 Ammoniumsulfat

Sulfate d’ammonium 15N2

solfato di ammonio 15N2


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