15N Potassium Phthalimide (C8H4K15NO2) is a light yellow solid, with a solubility of 0.15g/100cm3 in water at 25 ° C. The density of 15N Potassium Phthalimide is 1.63 g/cm3 and it melts at > 300 ° C.

Phthalimide-15N potassium salt, or 15N labelled Potassium Phthalimide, is prepared by reacting phthalic anhydride to 15NH4OH and then to potassium hydroxide:

15NH4OH + C8H4O3 + KOH    →  C8H4K15NO2 + 3H2O

15N Potassium Phthalimide is used in different fields of chemistry. The most known applications are the following:

  • Widely used in Gabriel synthesis;
  • 15N Potassium Phthalimide is used in inorganic and organic synthesis as 15N stable isotope source;
  • Commonly used as a solid-based organocatalyst;

At present, CPI Georgia can produce 15N labelled organic compounds such as 15N Potassium Phthalimide, Phthalimide-15N potassium salt, 15N labelled Potassium Phthalimide with isotopic richness above 99% 15N. This product is packaged and distributed in 1 to 25 gram packages in standard amber glass bottles. This product may be available from bulk stock and can be packaged on demand. For information on pricing, availability and packaging, please contact us. For more information, please see each product individually.

Synonyms of Phthalimide-15N potassium salt:

Фталимид-15N калиевая соль



Sel de potassium phtalimide-15N

Sale di potassio ftalimmide-15N

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