Iron (III) Oxide (18O3, >98%)


Iron (III) Oxide (18O3, >98%)

≥98 atom % 18O

Item Number OOC-209-98-PK
Cas Number (For Natural Compounds) 1309-37-1
Chemical Purity 99%
Chemical Formula Fe218O3
Molecular Weight (for Fully Enriched Product) 165.69

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isotope purity ≥98 atom % 18O
assay ≥99% (CP)
Melting point 1565 °C (lit.)



Iron (III) Oxide-18O3 has been used:

  • as an isotope indicator during biomedical research;
  • when setting up large-scale environmental studies;

Thus, Oxygen-18 is extremely successfully used to solve extremely relevant programs in the field of healthcare, ecology, and fundamental sciences.


1, 5, 10, 25 g in glass bottle.

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Product Name

Iron (III) Oxide (18O3, >98%)

Item Number

OOC-209-98-1, OOC-209-98-5, OOC-209-98-10, OOC-209-98-25


1g, 5g, 10g, 25g

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